by Bonzo Madrid

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released November 4, 2016

All songs written & played by CJ Calhoun. Some tracks were also graced by my wonderful friends Beau Bruns on drums, Danny Bowersox on guitar, & Katlyn Conroy's beautiful voice.

Engineered and Produced by Danny Bowersox & CJ Calhoun

Mastered by Carl Saff

Album Photography and Design by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez


tags: pop Lawrence


all rights reserved


Bonzo Madrid Lawrence, Kansas

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Track Name: Blue Blood
Blue Blood

Hide, hide you worldly
Hide you early birds 'till the kingdom comes
Till their eyes cloud
Till the state bleeds out in to my cup
Into my blue blood
Into my cup
Into my blue blood
From the badlands through the subway run
Every cell phone on a constant buzz
It's gonna eat you up, and all of your blue blood
They're gonna eat you up they want all your blue blood
Track Name: All You Got
Baby I don't think that I was ready
When I told you watch out
But I wanted you so near to me darlin
that I was crazed, in awe and shock
I know I got what I need,
and I will stand by your side
so honey come stay with me
and give me all that you've got to find

And if we find death in the wings
of a dissipated lonely rock
the leaves aren't blooming on the trees darlin'
holes have opened in the ground
I know I got what I need, and Ima stand by your side
So honey come stand with me
and give me all that you've to find
Track Name: Sordid Woman
Oh sordid woman,
your raptures coming
Feast, stalling, you won't,
Can't stop it coming

Sound out the middle,
Phonetic spittle
Flying all around you
Keep calling it rescue
Blind calling on you
Bleed all of our question

Uncanny lover,
Your legs all smothered,
Clothed, out of your lips,
Those words I covet
"Bring me back to when
I was your cover.
No sheets or linens
Could keep you warmer.
Skin up against skin
Tied to one another"
Track Name: Remedios

While you've got a mind to repair you
Yer hearts just a spike,will impale you
I got gold threads I could sell you
Cut just enough to tie round you
Run through streets
Pants down round your knees
Run 'cross the wind gold threads streaming
Like a kite on the run over pavement
Run through the chills of beginning
Till its a cold empty room full of knitting
flying round like ghost
Killed every man that could find her
The balance of saints and of sinners
Track Name: Crooked Handle
Crooked Handle

Crooked handle would you hold your hand down tightly
When I ask of voluntary fealty
Could you stand up to the giants glass of poison?
Would you claw until his sockets are worn through?

Bleeding hearts don't have a place in this bravado.
It's the state of where you are, not where you been.
Valentine I'm not the child you cried for leaving.
Im an arrow built to cut through every wind,
And I can't hide.

Hold on it's a pond not to be sailed on.
The ocean would tear your boat apart

like the eyes you gouged when you were still a baby.
Could you beat them till they don't come back again?
You can hold the hand of hope out at your villain
But I kill mine.
Track Name: The Arab Spring
The Arab Spring

I called the change in my mouth
while my heart laid way
For those seeds planted born
with the foresight of famine your way
Greased the palms of your man
But he forgot just where he came
Said "now boy here's a gun, don't you jump it can not be reclaimed.
But if you'd stop wailing
On the door you sealed yourself
Let it fall from its hinges
And lay it down to walk across
Till the bridge you need is formed
And the anchor laid has held
Has held
Track Name: Golden Bovine
Golden bovine

I should of never took a single sip
I should've never took a single hit
Where's the payment you sought?
Did that burn in your heart go away?

It's a fine credo for a younger man,
But it's the tide that came and drowned all of the innocent
And they'll float and decay,
And they'll fall down from heaven in dirty rain.
And I'll fill up my cup,
And the circle it's comes back again

Blinder than Eros
Bruising my feet I'm
Trying to get back to you
Oh golden bovine
How many many more nights
Before I get back to you

I came up with a headstrong glyph
So you hit me back and my lips are spit
And the bloods on my tongue,
And It swelled my mouth shut,
I hit my knees
Zachariah, please how
Did unhinge you jowls
I cannot speak?

Blinder than Eros
Bruising my feet I'm
Trying to get back to you
Oh golden bovine
How many many more nights
Before I get back to you
Track Name: Yankee Love
Are you satisfied?
It's a lake that lies in wait for us.
Is a broken compass psalm
gonna drive you back away alone?
Make the lake my own.
Let it bleach my bones

I don't think I'm living right
Got this blood run down my nose
Dizzy stumble through the night
Till I'm bled down to the bone
Where did you go, Yankee love?
Always stuck inside your head
Like its somewhere to be running off
I see you sprinting, run again.
Track Name: Mausoleum

Lets all go lie down together, we can alternate from feet to head.
When they seal that door we can sleep forever a mausoleum and pity bed.
When my lovers come with flowers to smack their gums about my brain,
and my body lies along the bag of rot you used to be
in a locked up drawer inside the chiseled marble masonry
on the mezzanine below your future family's body keeps

So lovers plant those flowers around me I will nourish every single leaf
with all I've got, a mound of matter, and my family's bones surrounding me.
And every leaf will grow and pass along the code.
The seed to fill the bird, the vine to build his home
I can't compete, I've have this good no where in me
You can lay your flowers, say your words, I hope that you believe.